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Pharmaron's DMPK Webinar Series
February 10: How do we optimize pharmacokinetic parameters and predict for human?
Feb 10, 2022 09:00 AM
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Robert Young, DPhil - Sept. 21 Presenter
Medicinal Chemistry Consultant @Blue Burgandy
Following BA/DPhil degrees at University of Oxford and a Post Doc at Ben May Institute, University of Chicago, Rob joined Wellcome in 1990. After navigating many changes in his career, he soon became a Scientific Leader and was elected as a Fellow at GSK. Rob made significant contributions to six development candidates in antivirals before moving to early stage discovery (2006) where he fulfilled leadership roles in numerous H2L programs. He was then appointed to numerous GSK cross-disciplinary initiatives and communities including in silico predictive modelling, DMPK, Physical Chemistry, Stability and Safety. Today, Rob is the author/inventor of 100 publications/ patent applications, an honorary visiting Professor at University of St Andrews, and after taking an early retirement from GSK in 2019, Rob is principal at Blue Burgundy, a consulting firm he created to provide innovative thinking in drug discovery.
Chunyan Han, Ph.D. - Sept. 21 Presenter
Senior Director, in vitro ADME, DMPK @Pharmaron
Dr. Han is Senior Director in the DMPK department of Pharmaron with 12-years of hands-on and managerial experience in drug discovery and development. Since she joined Pharmaron in 2009, she has made significant contributions in setting up the in vitro ADME platforms especially for all the cell-based assays. Her responsibility now includes project coordination, new assay development and validation, and acting as DMPK lead in integrated drug discovery projects for data interpretation and molecular design. Dr. Han has excellent knowledge of in vitro and in vivo ADMET/PK technologies and mass spec instruments. Her experience covers early stage drug discovery to late stage regulatory DMPK studies for small molecules. In Pharmaron, Dr. Han leads a team in building up cell-based assays, including permeability screening, drug transporter, cell-based metabolism and CYP induction, etc.
Sébastien Degorce, Ph.D. - Sept. 21 Presenter
Associate Director of Medicinal Chemistry @Pharmaron
Dr. Degorce joined Pharmaron in November 2020. Prior to this, he spent 13 years at AstraZeneca (France, U.K. and U.S.A.) where he was a drug designer within the Oncology Innovative Medicines Unit. Sébastien contributed to the progression of multiple projects in the fields of kinases, nuclear hormone receptors, epigenetic targets and immuno-oncology. He particularly enjoys sharing his passion for medicinal chemistry and its applications to drug discovery. He completed an industrial post-doc with Sanofi-Aventis before joining AstraZeneca. He is the co-author/co-inventor of over 35 peer reviewed publications, patent applications and oral presentations at scientific meetings.
Danxi Li, Ph.D. - Oct. 21 Presenter
Director, in vitro ADME department, @Pharmaron
Dr. Li is working as one of the main study directors of in vitro ADME department in Pharmaron and leading an experienced team to support various sponsors from early screening to regulatory submission. As ADME project coordinator, she helps sponsors to establish many specific assay platforms in Pharmaron, provides scientific input to optimize assay systems and ensures high quality data submission in a time efficient way. Before joining Pharmaron in early 2011, Dr. Li has worked at University of Medicine and Dentistry  in New Jersey, USA, for 2 years as a visiting researcher. Her research work there focused on functionality investigation of CYP polymorphism using transfected cell models, which was continued work from her Ph.D. thesis work at Zhejiang University in China.
Dr. James E. Polli - Oct. 21 Presenter
Professor of Pharmaceutical Sciences @University of Maryland
Dr. James E. Polli is Professor of Pharmaceutical Sciences and Ralph F. Shangraw/Noxell Endowed Professor in Industrial Pharmacy and Pharmaceutics at University of Maryland. His two main research interests are maximizing oral bioavailability through formulation and chemical approaches and developing public quality standards for oral dosage forms. Currently, he is co-Director of the University of Maryland Center of Excellence in Regulatory Science and Innovation (CERSI) and the Center for Research on Complex Generics, each an FDA-funded collaborative agreement with the Agency. Dr. Polli is also the Director of the online MS in Regulatory Science program, a fellow of the American Association for Pharmaceutical Scientists and a member of the University of Maryland General Clinical Research Center Advisory Committee and the University of Maryland institutional review board (IRB).
Chris Bode, Ph.D. - Oct. 21 Presenter
VP Scientific and Corporate Communications @Absorption Systems, a Pharmaron company
As VP of Scientific and Corporate Communications, one of Dr. Bode’s responsibilities is to capture and disseminate the mission and messages of Absorption Systems to the world. He has had multiple roles since joining the company in 2006. Over the past ten years, he has been Study Director for most of the Biopharmaceutics Classification System (BCS) conducted by Absorption Systems in support of numerous BCS-based biowaivers. He has also directed several transporter studies, serves as Scientific Reviewer for many types of studies, and either directs or provides scientific input into various research projects, grants, and contracts. Prior to Absorption Systems, Dr. Bode spent seventeen years in the pharmaceutical industry, working on both pharmacokinetics and pharmacodynamics. His Ph.D. in pharmacology is from the University of Colorado, and postdoctoral research was conducted at UC San Diego.
Dr. Dennis Smith - Nov. 17 Presenter
Dr. Dennis Smith gained his Ph.D from the University of Manchester. He was employed by Fisons Pharma and then Pfizer, where he retired as a vice-president. During this period he directly helped in the Discovery and Development of eight marketed NCEs. For the last nine years he has taken on a number of roles. Academic appointments include Honorary Professor at the University of Capetown, where he is closely involved with H3D, the leading academic drug discovery unit in Africa. He is a member or chair of a number of Expert Panels working within organisations such as Cancer Research UK as well as serving on Scientific Advisory Boards for a number of Research Institutions. His research interests and publications span all aspects of Drug Discovery and Development particularly where drug metabolism knowledge can impact on the design of more efficacious and safer drugs. He has co-authored over 200 publications.
Simon Taylor, Ph.D. - Nov. 17 Presenter
Vice President, DMPK @Pharmaron
Simon Taylor is Vice President of DMPK and is based in Hoddesdon, UK. He is responsible for DMPK/ADME and PKPD strategy for Pharmaron’s integrated drug discovery projects from early discovery through to IND submission. Prior to Pharmaron, Simon worked at GSK for 20 years leading DMPK and Quantitative Pharmacology teams and projects from the Hit Identification stage through to Phase 2. He has worked across respiratory, inflammation, oncology and cardiovascular therapy areas with drugs of varying routes of administration. Simon is a committee member of the DMDG and has tutored on the DMDG ‘PK in discovery’ course since 2010. Simon has a BSc in Pharmacology from the University of Leeds and an MSc in Model Based Drug Development from the University of Manchester. He has co-authored over 30 scientific publications in the literature.